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C A L Y P S O   B E N E ' S   J O U R N E Y 

Artistic Milestones

Creative Influence

Calypso's artistic journey is a testament to her commitment. Her creativity extends into the realm of interior design, where she collaborates with London's vibrant bar and restaurant scene, crafting bespoke artworks to elevate spaces into realms of visual and culinary delight.

London Art Fair

London Art Fair


Calypso Bene's debut at the prestigious London Art Fair in 2022 and 2023 marked the commencement of a remarkable journey of success and recognition that continues to this day. Her utilisation of oil paint, a medium known for its richness and depth, takes centre stage, captivating visitors with its exquisite blend of tradition and innovation. 

Solo Exhibitions


Divine Feminine

In 2021, Calypso's art took center stage in her first solo exhibition at the Lauderdale Gallery in Maida Vale.


Audiences were particularly captivated by her debut oak wood carving of a woman's torso, now residing in the South of France.

Grand-Scale Interior Design Commissions


Trap Kitchen

In 2021, Calypso was commissioned by Trap Kitchen to create a stunning series of 13 large-scale paintings.

face with bun.jpeg

Queen of the South

In 2023, she received another remarkable commission to craft 17 paintings for the Queen of the South bar.

Social Media & Expansion

With a growing audience on social media, she's ventured into successful limited edition print runs and privately commissioned domestic murals.


These opportunities allow her to expand her skillset and take on new creative challenges, sparking genuine enjoyment in her artistic journey.

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Connect with Calypso Bené.

Whether you're seeking art collaborations or have questions about her work, we look forward to connecting with you.

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