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C A L Y P S O   B E N E ' S   J O U R N E Y 

Unveiling the Artist


Passion & Exploration

Calypso Bené is a passionate multimedium artist. Her journey began with a burning desire to push her artistic capabilities, leading to her work being collected across Europe.


Events & Exhibitions

Driven by curiosity, Calypso embarked on her artistic voyage with a quest to capture the fluidity of the human form through oil paint. She's a self-taught artist dedicated to unraveling the interplay of light, colour, and motion.

Blue face_edited.jpg

Transformative Art

Art initially served as an emotional escape, a secret world she cultivated privately. As her skills matured, it blossomed into a public practice. Through painting, she found the freedom, self-assurance, and calmness that transformed her life, leading her on a path unrecognisable to her teenage self.


E V E N T S   &   E X H I B I T O N S  

Calypso Bené's journey is an ongoing narrative of pursuing agency in both her life and creative practice.

Phoebe Minson, 2023

Discover Calypso's Artistic Triumphs

Uncover the milestones and masterpieces that define Calypso Bené's artistic journey. Explore her key achievements and moments of inspiration in the 'Artistic Highlights' section.

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Connect with Calypso Bené.

Whether you're seeking art collaborations or have questions about her work, we look forward to connecting with you.

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