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C A L Y P S O   B E N E ' S   J O U R N E Y 

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Discover Calypso's Artistic Triumphs

Uncover the milestones and masterpieces that define Calypso Bené's artistic journey. Explore her key achievements and moments of inspiration in the 'Artistic Highlights' section.


LoveIn exhibition, 2020

In a culmination of artistic talent and the spirit of love, Calypso Bené participated in the prestigious group exhibition "The Love In", a two-day library takeover hosted at the St Pancras Library in Kings Cross. 


London Art Fair

Calypso Bené showcased her unparalleled mastery of abstract realism, with a primary focus on portraiture, all brought to life through the vivid medium of oil paint.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 09.35.19.png

Divine Feminine

An exploration into how societal constructs mould and dictate our perception of the female form. The works will challenge the viewer to question the authenticity of their perceptions.

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